2017 MESA Summer School : August 14 - 18

Be ready to interact with your fellow participants, TAs, and lecturers.

An integral part of a Summer School is MESA oriented Labs designed to generate interactions. This is not a passive, slide-deck oriented, summer school!

Bring your laptop as we only provide internet access. Be familiar with installing MESA and setting up your own MESA work directories. You must have MESA version 9793 installed.

Some Labs use basic Fortran coding; do loops and if-then structures.

You should be fine if you’ve coded before in almost any language.

Collaboration venues include our Summer School Facebook page

and the mesa-users@lists.sourceforge.net email list.

A Google Sheet for use during the Labs.


Leslie Rogers        UChicago       Planets with cores: Sub-Neptunes

Jonathan Fortney  UCSC            Giants planets at small orbital distances:

                                                     Effects of irradiation and interior energy


Selma de Mink      Amsterdam     Massive Binaries: Black Hole X-ray binaries

                                                     and Massive Blue stragglers

Pablo Marchant     Northwestern Stellar rotation in binary systems  


Lars Bildsten         UCSB             Gravitational contraction phase for low mass

                                                     fully convective objects

Josiah Schwab      UCSC             Beyond inlists

Frank Timmes        ASU               Customizing pgstar


Chris Mankovich          UCSC

Ylva Gotberg                Amsterdam

Jared Brooks               UCSB

Evan Bauer                  UCSB

Bill Wolf                        UCSB

Carl Fields                    MSU

Ilka Petermann             ASU

Amber Lauer                 LSU

Jacqueline Goldstein    UW Madison

Ilaria Caiazzo                UBC



Monday August 14

8:00am    - 8:45am    Breakfast

8:45am    - 9:00am    Welcome

9:00am    - 10:30am  Josiah Schwab

10:30am  - 10:45am  Coffee Break

10:45am  - 12:00pm  Frank Timmes

12:00pm  - 1:00pm    Lunch

1:00pm    - 3:30pm    Lars Bildsten

3:30pm    - 3:45pm    Coffee Break

3:45pm    - 5:30pm    Catch-up Session

5:30pm    - 7:00pm    Dinner

7:00pm    - 9:00pm    Open Session

Tuesday August 15

8:00am   - 8:45am    Breakfast

8:45am   - 9:00am    Discussion of Monday’s Labs

9:00am   - 10:30pm  Jonathan Fortney

10:30am - 10:45am  Coffee Break

10:45am - 12:00pm  Jonathan Fortney

12:00pm - 1:00pm    Lunch

1:00pm   - 3:30pm    Jonathan Fortney

3:30pm   - 3:45pm    Coffee Break

3:45pm   - 5:30pm    Catch-up Session

5:30pm   - 7:00pm    Dinner

7:00pm   - 9:00pm    Open Session

Wednesday August 16

8:00am   - 8:45am    Breakfast

8:45am   - 9:00am    Discussion of Tuesday’s Labs

9:00am   - 10:30am  Selma de Mink

10:30am - 10:45am  Coffee Break

10:45am - 12:00pm  Selma de Mink

12:00pm - 1:00pm    Lunch

1:00pm   - 3:30pm    Selma de Mink

3:30pm   - 5:00pm    Free Time

5:00pm   - 7:00pm    Picnic Dinner at the Beach

Thursday August 17

8:00am   - 8:45am    Breakfast

8:45am   - 9:00am    Discussion of Wednesday’s Labs

9:00am   - 10:30am  Pablo Marchant

10:30am - 10:45am  Coffee Break

10:45am - 11:45pm  Pablo Marchant

11:45pm - 1:15pm    Lunch

1:15pm   - 3:30pm    Pablo Marchant

3:30pm   - 3:45pm    Coffee Break

3:45pm   - 5:30pm    Catch-up Session

5:30pm   - 7:00pm    Dinner

7:00pm   - 9:00pm    Open Session

Friday August 18

8:00am   - 8:45am    Breakfast

8:45am   - 9:00am    Discussion of Thursday’s Labs

9:00am   - 10:30am  Leslie Rogers

10:30am - 10:45am  Coffee Break

10:45am - 12:00pm  Leslie Rogers

12:00pm - 1:00pm    Lunch

1:00pm   - 3:30pm    Leslie Rogers

3:15pm   - 3:45pm    Coffee Break

3:45pm   - 5:00pm    Catch-up Session

5:00pm   - 5:30pm    Graduation Ceremony

5:30pm   - 7:00pm    Dinner