2016 MESA Summer School : August 15 - 19

The 5th Annual MESA Summer School will be held August 15-19, 2016 at

UC Santa Barbara. Though extensive hands-on labs, participants will gain familiarity with MESA and learn how to make better use of  MESA in their own work. Featured science topics include gravity-mode oscillations of massive stars (Connie Aerts), transport by waves (Jim Fuller), pulsations (Alfred Gautschy),

massive stars (Norbert Langer), and much more. See the Agenda for additional information. Enrollment is limited and the Application period closes 01Mar2016.

MESA has attracted about 850 registered users and provides portals for the stellar community to openly share knowledge.

These instrument papers describe MESA: MESA I, MESA II, and MESA III.

Summer Schools were previously offered in 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012.