Workshop Participant Guidelines

The objective of the un-conference portion of the workshop is to reduce the amount of time passively listening and to maximize cross-project interactions that support furthering the SI2 program and individual project goals.

During the workshop, you will choose topics of interest to you on-the-fly during the "Agenda Scrum", attend the chosen "Breakout sessions", and share what happened during the "Breakout session reports". This format allows you to define and select among the topics that really interest you, and experience a more interactive format during the breakout sessions with other similarly interested participants.

You are in control of the success of your workshop. It is up to you to propose and define topics that will be of interest to others, lead a discussion on your proposed topic, and/or actively contribute to proposed sessions that are of interest to you. Have a topic of interest? Propose it here.


2016 SI2 PI Workshop : February 16-17