Name Institution SI2 Project
Dave TarbotonUtah State UniversityCollaborative Research: SI2-SSI: HydroShare: An interactive software infrastructure for sustaining collaborative community innovation in the hydrologic sciences
Frank TimmesArizona State UniversityCollaborative Research: SI2-SSE: Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics
Andrew SommeseUniversity of Notre DameSI2-SSE: Collaborative Proposal: Symbolic-Numeric Approaches to Polynomials
Alberto PassalacquaIowa State UniversitySI2-SSE: A Next-Generation Open-Source Computational Fluid Dynamic Code for Polydisperse Multiphase Flows in Science and Engineering
Jonathan WrenOklahoma Medical Research FoundationThe Digital Resource Impact, Validation and Evolution (DRIVE) Project
Daniel CrawfordVirginia TechA Sustainable Software Innovation Institute for Computational Chemistry and Materials Modeling
Brent FultzCalifornia Institute of TechnologyCollaborative Research: Scientific Software Innovation Institute for Advanced Analysis of X-Ray and Neutron Scattering Data (SIXNS)
Adrian RoitbergUniversity of FloridaSustained Innovation in Acceleration of Molecular Dynamics on future computational environments: Power to the People in the Cloud and on Accelerators
Andreas StathopoulosCollege of William and MarySSE: Enhancing the PRIMME software with new methods and functionality for eigenvalue and SVD problems
Richard HennigUniversity of FloridaGenetic Algorithm Software Package for Prediction of Novel Two-Dimensional Materials and Surface Reconstructions.
Edward MaginnUniversity of Notre DameDevelopment of Cassandra, a General, Efficient and Parallel Monte Carlo Multiscale Modeling Software Platform for Materials Research
Ashish GehaniSRISynthesizing Self-Contained Scientific Software
Damian DechevUniversity of Central FloridaSI2-SSE: LC/DC: Lockless Containers and Data Concurrency
Cecilia ClementiRice UniversitySI2-CHE: ExTASY Extensible Tools for Advanced Sampling and analYsis
William SteinUniversity of WashingtonCollaborative Research: SI2-SSE: Sage-Combinat: Developing and Sharing Open Source Software for Algebraic Combinatorics
David IrwinUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstBenchLab: Open Community Tools and Infrastructure for Performance Research in Cloud, Mobile and Green Computing
Dhabaleswar PandaThe Ohio State UniversityCollaborative Research: SI2-SSI: A Comprehensive Performance Tuning Framework for the MPI Stack
Amarda ShehuGeorge Mason UniversityA Plug-and-Play Software Platform of Robotics-Inspired Algorithms for Modeling Biomolecular Structures and Motions
Matthew TurkUIUCyt: Reusable Components for Simulating, Analyzing and Visualizing Astrophysical Systems
John McGregorClemson UniversityEAGER: Ecosystem Modeling for Infrastructure Evaluation
Jeffrey CarverUniversity of AlabamaCollaborative Research: Making Software Engineering Work for Computational Science & Engineering: An Integrated Approach
Jerry BernholcNC State UniversitySI2-SSE: Multiscale Software for Quantum Simulations in Materials Design, Nano Science and Technology
Matthew JonesUniversity of California Santa BarbaraConceptualizing an Institute for Sustainable Earth and Environmental Software (ISEES)
GaneshUniversity of UtahSI2-SSE: Correctness Verification Tools for Extreme Scale Hybrid Concurrency
Rich VuducGeorgia TechSI2-SSI: Collaborative: The XScala Project: A Community Repository for Model-Driven Design and Tuning of Data-Intensive Applications for Extreme-Scale Accelerator-Based Systems
Daniel S. KatzNSFSI2 Program Officer
Emilio GallicchioCUNY Brooklyn CollegeHigh performance Software for Large-Scale Modeling of Binding Equilibria
Larry HoyleUniversity of KansasCollaborative Research: Comprehensive Citation Across the Data Life Cycle Using DDI
Jan VerscheldeUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoSI2-SSE: Solving Polynomial Systems with PHCpack and phcpy
Xiaodong ZhangThe Ohio State UniversityA unified software environment to best utilize cache and memory systems in multicores
Eric Van WykUniversity of MinnesotaSI2-SSE: Collaborative: Extensible Languages for Sustainable Development of High Performance Software in Materials Science
Dane MorganUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonSI2_SSI: A Computational Materials Data and Design Environment
Philip A. WilseyUniv of CincinnatiSI2-SSE: Scalable Big Data Clustering by Random Projection Hashing
Piotr SlizHarvard Medical SchoolEAGER: Assessing Established and Alternative Citation, Attribution and Impact Metrics for Scientific Software through Data Mining and Direct Tracking Methods
Theresa WindusIowa State UniversityCollaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Developments in High Performance Electronic Structure Theory
Julien LangouUniversity of Colorado DenverSI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: Sustained Innovation for Linear Algebra Software (SILAS)
Teresa HeadGordonUC BerkeleySI2-CHE: Development and Deployment of Chemical Software for Advanced Potential Energy Surfaces
Scott KlaskyOak Ridge National LaboratoryEAGER: High Performance I/O Methods and Infrastructures for Large-Scale Geoscience Applications on Supercomputers
Maxine BrownUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoSI2-SSI: SAGEnext: Next Generation Integrated Persistent Visualization and Collaboration Services for Global Cyberinfrastructure
Abani K PatraUniv at BuffaloSI2-SSI:Collaborative Research: Building Sustainable Tools and Collaboration for Volcanic and Related Hazards
J. Ilja SiepmannUniversity of MinnesotaSI2-CHE: Collaborative Research: Developing First Principles Monte Carlo Methods for Reactive Phase and Sorption Equilibria in the CP2K Software Suite
Constantine DovrolisGeorgia TechPythia Network Diagnosis Infrastructure (PuNDIT)
Paul BarboneBoston UniversitySSE Collaborative Research: Advanced software infrastructure for biomechanical inverse problems
Christopher RolandNC State UniversitySI2-SEE: Software tools for biomolecular free energy calculations
Shava SmallenSan Diego Supercomputer CenterSI2-SSE: AMASS - An Automated Monitoring AnalySis Service for Cyberinfrastructure
Peter CummingsVanderbilt UniversitySI2-SSI: Development of an Integrated Molecular Design Environment for Lubrication Systems (iMoDELS)
Ewa DeelmanUniversity of Southern CaliforniaSI2-SSI: Distributed Workflow Management Research and Software in Support of Science
Paul NavratilTexas Advanced Computing CenterA Comprehensive Ray Tracing Framework for Visualization in Distributed-Memory Parallel Environments
Clare McCabeVanderbilt UniversityCollaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Development of an Integrated Molecular Design Environment for Lubrication Systems (iMoDELS)
Devin MatthewsThe University of Texas at AustinCollaborative Research: SI2-SSI: A Linear Algebra Software Infrastructure for Sustainable Innovation in Computational Chemistry and other Sciences
Lawrence FrankUCSDS12 SSE Wavelet enabled progressive data Access and Storage Protocol (WASP)
Douglas ThainUniversity of Notre DameConnecting Cyberinfrastructure with the Cooperative Computing Tools
Stan AhaltRenaissance Computing InstituteConceptualization of a Water Science Software Institute
Marlon PierceIndiana UniversityCollaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Open Gateway Computing Environments Science Gateways Platform as a Service (OGCE SciGaP)
Yolanda GilUniversity of Southern CaliforniaEarthCube GeoSoft: A Community Software Commons for the Geosciences
Merce CrosasHarvard UniversityEAGER: Citation++: Data Citation, Provenance, and Documentation
Inanc SenocakBoise State UniversitySI2-SSE: GEM3D: Open-source Cartesian adaptive complex terrain atmospheric flow solver for GPU clusters
xiyin wangUniversity of GeorgiaSI2-SSE: Software infrastructure for revealing gene and genome evolution, anchored by enhancement of multiple genome alignment software MCSCAN
Samuel MidkiffPurdue UniversityCollaborative Research: Conceptualizing an Institute for using Inter-domain Abstractions to support Inter-disciplinary Applications
Charles TorreUtah State UniversitySI2-SSE: Interdisciplinary Software Infrastructure for Differential Geometry, Lie Theory and Applications
David SherrillGeorgia Institute of TechnologySustainable Development of Next-Generation Software for Quantum Chemistry
Karsten SchwanGeorgia TechSHF:Large:Collaborative Research: A Glass Box Approach to Enabling Open, Deep Interactions in the HPC Toolchain
Matthew MayernikNational Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)EAGER: Tracing the Use of Research Resources using Persistent Citable Identifiers
Steve TueckeUChicago / GlobusSustaining Globus Toolkit for the NSF Community (Sustain-GT)
Von WelchIndiana UniversityCenter for Trustworthy Scientific CI ( / NSF award 1234408)
Mike KirbyUniversity of UtahSI2-SSE: A GPU-enabled Toolbox for Solving Hamilton-Jacobi and Level-Set Equations on Unstructured Meshes
Nancy IdeVassar CollegeThe Language Application Grid: A Framework for Rapid Adaptation and Reuse
Gagan AgrawalOhio State UniversitySI2-SSE: Collaborative Research: Software Elements for Transfer and Analysis of Large-Scale Scientific Data
Bruce BerrimanCaltechSI2-SSE: The Next Generatin of the Montage Mosaic Engine
Hartmut KaiserCCT@LSUSI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: STORM: a Scalable Toolkit for an Open community
Viktor K. DecykUniversity of California Los AngelesSI2-SSI: Particle-in-Cell and Kinetic Simulation Center
Nathan WilsonUCSDA Sustainable Open Source Software Pipeline for Patient Specific Blood Flow Simulation and Analysis
Neil Chue HongSoftware Sustainability InstituteInvited participant
Bruno TurcksinTexas A&M UniversityOpen Source Support for Massively Parallel, Generic Finite Element Methods
Philip MaechlingSouthern California Earthquake CenterSI2-SSI: A Sustainable Community Software Framework for Petascale Earthquake Modeling (OCI-1148493)
Joseph Jay WilliamsHarvard UniversityAdding Research Accounts to the ASSISTments Platform: Helping Researchers Do Randomized Controlled Studies with Thousands of Students
Renato FigueiredoUniversity of FloridaSI2-SSE: Peer-to-Peer Overlay Virtual Network for Cloud Computing Research
AlejandroPurdue UniversitySI2-SSE Collaborative Research: Molecular simulations of polymer nanostructures in the cloud
Shaowen WangNCSA/UIUCCyberGIS Software Integration for Sustained Geospatial Innovation
P. SadayappanOhio State UniversityImproving Vectorization
Boyce GriffithUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillParallel and adaptive simulation infrastructure for biological fluid-structure interaction.
Michael NormanUC San DiegoSI2-SSE: Petascale Enzo: Software Infrastructure Development and Community Engagement
Dmitry PekurovskySan Diego Supercomputer Center/UCSDA Petascale numerical library for multiscale phenomena simulations
Ray IdaszakRenaissance Computing InstituteAn interactive software infrastructure for sustaining collaborative community innovation in the hydrologic sciences
Greg NewmanColorado State UniversitySSE: Developing Sustainable Software Elements to Support the Growing Field of Public Participation in Scientific Research
Jeffrey PotoffWayne State UniversitySSE: Development of a GPU Accelerated Gibbs Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulation Engine
George BosilcaUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleADAPT: Next Generation Message Passing Interface (MPI) Library - Open MPI
George KarypisUniversity of MinnesotaSI2-SSE: Software Infrastructure For Partitioning Sparse Graphs on Existing and Emerging Computer Architectures
Arthur WetzelCarnegie Mellon UniversitySI2-SSE: An Active File System for Processing and Sharing Petascale Multi-Dimentional Datasets
Bo ZhangIndiana UniversitySI2-SSE: Dynamic Adaptive Runtime Systems for Advanced Multipole Method-based Science Achievement
Doug JamesUniversity of Texas at AustinXALT: Understanding the Software Needs of High End Computer Users
Glenn MartynaIBM TJ Watson Research CenterSI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: Scalable, Extensible, and Open Framework for Ground and Excited State Properties of Complex Systems
John ClyneNCARSI2-SSE: Wavelet Enabled Progressive Data Access and Storage Protocol (WASP)
K. Selcuk CandanArizona State UniversitySI2-SSE: E-SDMS: Energy Simulation Data Management System Software
Anthony AufdenkampeStroud Water Research CenterThe Community-Driven BiG CZ Software System for Integration and Analysis of Bio- and Geoscience Data in the Critical Zone
Edgar SpaldingUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonDetermining the cyberinfrastructure needs for efficient phenomics research
Allison FishUniversity of California DavisEAGER: Development of software citation methodology for open source computational science
Erkan IstanbulluogluUniversity of WashingtonCollaborative Research: SI2-SSE: Component-Based Software Architecture for Computational Landscape Modeling
Elbridge Gerry PuckettUniversity of California Davis Development and Implementation of Software Elements using State-of-the-Art Computational Methodology to Advance Modeling Heterogeneities and Mixing in Earth's Mantle
Chris LenhardtRENCIWater Science Software Institute
Joseph CurtisNISTCCP-SAS - Collaborative Computational Project for advanced analyses of structural data in chemical biology and soft condensed matter
John StantonUniversity of TexasÒA Linear Algebra Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation in Computational Chemistry and other SciencesÓ
Michael WildeUniversity of ChicagoEnhancement and Support of Swift Parallel Scripting
Karsten SchwanGeorgia TechSHF:Large:Collaborative Research: A Glass Box Approach to Enabling Open, Deep Interactions in the HPC Toolchain
Kevin EliceiriUW-MadisonSI2-SSE: SCIFIO: An Extensible Framework for Scientific Image Interoperability
Tony FountainUCSDCollaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Empowering the Scientific Community with Streaming Data Middleware: Software integration into complex science environments
Selcuk UluagacFlorida International UniversitySI2‑SSE: A Sustainable Wireless Sensor Software Development Framework for Science and Engineering Researchers
Mark SchildhauerUC Santa BarbaraCollaborative Research: SI2-SSI: HydroShare: An interactive software infrastructure for sustaining collaborative community innovation in the hydrologic sciences
Richard BrowerBoston UniversityConceptualizing an Institute for Sustainable Earth and Environmental Software (ISEES)s

2015 SI2 PI Workshop : February 17 - 18