Community written guidance on using MESA.

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How to install MESA

Overview of the astero module

By Warrick Ball

Diffusion Update for Degeneracy

By Evan Bauer. For more detail, download the pdf.

MESA Hydro Debugging

By Bill Wolf

Installing and Running MESA on a Cluster

By Josiah Schwab

Structuring inlists for running many MESA models

By Rob Farmer

Introduction to MesaScript version 2014 and version 2015

By Bill Wolf

Jakub Ostrowski, produced in Summer 2014 on version 7624.

Also see Jakub's Installation Guide, last updated 03Jan2017 - Get it!

How to use for plotting:

Christian Ritter, produced in Fall 2012 - Get it!

Stellar evolution models with MESA - CAUP Workshop

By João Faria

Installing FreeEOS with the MESA SDK

By Aaron Dotter

How to use mesa-minor-mode in emacs:

Josiah Schwab, produced in Fall 2013.   Get it!

Running MESA on Condor

By Earl Bellinger

Notes on writing a custom run_stars_extras.f

(notes taken on Josiah Schwab's 2016 MESA Summer School lecture)

By Earl Bellinger

Running MESA on Amazon EC2

By Andrew Mizener


Steps to running MESA on TACC Stampede2

By Matt A. Wood

Getting Started with MESA

Released in Oct2020.

Installing MESA on Linux

Released Nov2020.

Installing MESA on OSX

Released Oct2020.