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Conny Aerts "Forward asteroseismic modeling of stars with a convective core from gravity-mode oscillations: parameter estimation and stellar model selection" Read 10108 Get
David Aguilera-Dena "Stripped-Envelope Stars in Different Metallicity Environments I. Evolutionary Phases, Classification and Populations" Read 10398 Get
Sergey Ayukov "Analysis of suprathermal nuclear processes in the solar core plasma" Read 4050 Get
Harita Palani Balaji "Type IIP Supernovae IV. Shock Breakout from Progenitor Stars Modeled with Convective Overshoot and Mass Loss" Read 15140 Get
Evan Bauer "Electron Captures on 14N as a Trigger for Helium Shell Detonations" Read 9793 Get
Evan Bauer "Variability of Red Supergiants in M31 from the Palomar Transient Factory" Read 9793 Get
Evan Bauer "Multi-gigayear White Dwarf Cooling Delays from Clustering-enhanced Gravitational Sedimentation" Read 10398 Get
Evan Bauer "Masses of White Dwarf Binary Companions to Type Ia Supernovae Measured from Runaway Velocities" Read 15140 Get
Evan Bauer & Thomas Kupfer "Phases of Mass Transfer from Hot Subdwarfs to White Dwarf Companions and Their Photometric Properties" Read 15140 Get
Ealeal Bear "Explaining a rapidly fading star as a type II ILOT in a triple star system" Read 15140 Get
Earl Bellinger "Determining the minimum mass of a star using MESA." Repository 10108 Get
David Berardo "The Evolution of Gas Giant Entropy During Formation by Runaway Accretion" Read 7624 Get
Hannah Brinkman "26Aluminum from Massive Binary Stars. II. Rotating Single Stars Up to Core Collapse and Their Impact on the Early Solar System" Read 15140 Get
Jared Brooks "The OmegaWhite Survey for Short-period Variable Stars. V. Discovery of an Ultracompact Hot Subdwarf Binary with a Compact Companion in a 44-minute Orbit" Read 9793 Get
Jared Brooks "Fast and Luminous Transients from the Explosions of Long-lived Massive White Dwarf Merger Remnants" Read 9793 Get
Jared Brooks "PTF1 J082340.04+081936.5: A Hot Subdwarf B Star with a Low-mass White Dwarf Companion in an 87-minute Orbit" Read 8118 Get
Jared Brooks "HD 49798: Its History of Binary Interaction and Future Evolution" Read 8118 Get
Jared Brooks "Accretion-induced Collapse from Helium Star + White Dwarf Binaries" Read 7624 Get
Jared Brooks "Convection Destroys the Core/Mantle Structure in Hybrid C/O/Ne White Dwarfs" Read 5118 Get
Jared Brooks "Carbon Shell or Core Ignitions in White Dwarfs Accreting from Helium Stars" Read 7624 Get
Jared Brooks "AM Canum Venaticorum Progenitors with Low Mass Helium Star Donors and the resultant Explosions" Read 5118 Get
Siemen Burssens "Variability of OB stars from TESS southern Sectors 1-13 and high-resolution IACOB and OWN spectroscopy" Read 12115 Get
Ilaria Caiazzo "Polluting white dwarfs with perturbed exo-comets" Read 5456 Get
Bernardo Campilho "Atomic diffusion in solar-like stars with MESA. Comparison with the Montreal/Montpellier and CESTAM stellar evolution codes" Read 11701 Get
Manos Chatzopoulos "Effects of Rotationally-Induced Mixing in Compact Binary Systems with Low-Mass Secondaries and in Single Solar-Type Stars" Read 3647 Get
Manos Chatzopoulos "Effects of Rotation on the Minimum Mass of Primordial Progenitors of Pair-instability Supernovae" Read 3647 Get
Howard Chen "Evolutionary Analysis of Gaseous Sub-Neptune-mass Planets with MESA" Read 8845 Get
Xinghao Chen "Exploring the Helium Core of the δ Scuti Star CoRoT 102749568 with Asteroseismology" Read 7624 Get
Wu Chengyuan "Formation of ultra-massive carbon-oxygen white dwarfs from the merger of carbon-oxygen and helium white dwarf pairs" Read 12115 Get
Morgan T. Chidester "On Trapped Modes In Variable White Dwarfs As Probes Of The 12C(αγ)16O Reaction Rate" Read 15140 Get
Morgan T. Chidester "The Impact of 22Ne On The Pulsation Periods of Carbon-Oxygen White Dwarfs With Helium Dominated Atmospheres" Read 12778 Get
Giulia Cinquegrana "Bridging the Gap between Intermediate and Massive Stars I: Validation of MESA against the State-of-the-Art Monash Stellar Evolution Program for a 2M☉ AGB Star" Read 15140 Get
Djuna Croon & Jeremy Sakstein "Light Axion Emission and the Formation of Merging Black Holes Binaries" Read 15140 Get
Kubyshkina Daria "Coupling thermal evolution of planets and hydrodynamic atmospheric escape in MESA" Read 12778 Get
Pavel Denisenkov "The C-flame Quenching by Convective Boundary Mixing in Super-AGB Stars and the Formation of Hybrid C/O/Ne White Dwarfs and SN Progenitors" Read 4631 Get
Harry Desmond "Five Percent measurement of the gravitational constant in the Large Magellanic Cloud" Read 12266 Get
Aaron Dotter "Capella (α Aurigae) Revisited: New Binary Orbit, Physical Properties, and Evolutionary State" Read 7385 Get
Aaron Dotter "Models for Metal-poor Stars with Enhanced Abundances of C, N, O, Ne, Na, Mg, Si, S, Ca, and Ti, in Turn, at Constant Helium and Iron Abundances" Read 3168 Get
Aaron Dotter "The influence of atomic diffusion on stellar ages and chemical tagging" Read 7503 Get
Philipp Edelmann "Three-dimensional Simulations of Massive Stars. I. Wave Generation and Propagation" Read 10000 Get
Ebraheem Farag "Resolving The Peak Of The Black Hole Mass Spectrum" Read 11701 Get
Ebraheem Farag "On Stellar Evolution In A Neutrino Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram" Read 12115 Get
Ebraheem Farag "Stellar Tracks (i.e., MESA history files) used in the article On Stellar Evolution In A Neutrino Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram" Read 12115 Get
Rob Farmer "On Carbon Burning in Super Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars" Read 6794 Get
Rob Farmer "On Variations Of Pre-Supernova Model Properties". Model files, inlists, run_star_extras, and nuclear networks at here. Read 7624 Get
Rob Farmer "Mind the Gap: The Location of the Lower Edge of the Pair-instability Supernova Black Hole Mass Gap" Read 11123 Get
Rob Farmer "Constraints from gravitational waves detections of binary black hole mergers on the C12(alpha,gamma)O16 rate" Read 11701 Get
Rob Farmer "The Cosmic Carbon Footprint of Massive Stars Stripped in Binary Systems" Read 12115 Get
Eoin Farrell "Impact of binary interaction on the evolution of blue supergiants. The flux-weighted gravity luminosity relationship and extragalactic distance determinations" Read 1000 Get
Rodrigo Fernández "Mass ejection in failed supernovae: variation with stellar progenitor" Read 6794 Get
Rodrigo Fernández "Subphotospheric fluctuations in magnetized radiative envelopes: contribution from unstable magnetosonic waves" Read 6794 Get
Carl Fields "Properties of Carbon-Oxygen White Dwarfs From Monte Carlo Stellar Models" Tool for sampling reaction rates here. Read 7624 Get
Carl Fields "The Impact of Nuclear Reaction Rate Uncertainties on the Evolution of Core-collapse Supernova Progenitors" Read 7624 Get
Jim Fuller "Pre-supernova outbursts via wave heating in massive stars - I. Red supergiants" Read 7624 Get
Jim Fuller "The most massive heartbeat: an in-depth analysis of ι Orionis" Read 9575 Get
Jim Fuller "Slowing the Spins of Stellar Cores" Read 10108 Get
Jim Fuller & Wenbin Liu "The spins of compact objects born from helium stars in binary systems" Read 10398 Get
Alfred Gautschy "On binary channels to anomalous Cepheids" Read 8118 Get
Alekey Generozov "Mass ratio, the hills mechanism, and the galactic centre S-stars" Read 12778 Get
Avishai Gilkis "Pre-explosion dynamo in the cores of massive stars" Read 7624 Get
Avishai Gilkis "Asymmetric core collapse of rapidly rotating massive star" Read 7624 Get
Avishai Gilkis "Effects of winds on the leftover hydrogen in massive stars following Roche lobe overflow" Read 10398 Get
Avishai Gilkis "The excess of cool supergiants from contemporary stellar evolution models defies the metallicity-independent Humphreys-Davidson limit" Read 10398 Get
Avishai Gilkis & Iair Arcavi "How much hydrogen is in Type Ib and IIb supernova progenitors?" Read 10398 Get
Avishai Gilkis & Tomer Shenar "Ups!... I did it again: unveiling the hidden companion in Upsilon Sagittarii, a unique binary system at a second mass transfer stage" Read 15140 Get
Seth Gossage and Aaron Dotter "MESA Models with Magnetic Braking" Read 11701 Get
Ylva Götberg "Ionizing spectra of stars that lose their envelope through interaction with a binary companion: role of metallicity" Read 7624 Get
Ylva Götberg "Extreme isolation of WN3/O3 stars and implications for their evolutionary origin as the elusive stripped binaries" Read 7624 Get
Ylva Götberg "Spectral models for binary products: Unifying Subdwarfs and Wolf-Rayet stars as a sequence of stripped-envelope stars" Read 8118 Get
Fei Guo & Yan Li "Convective Overshooting in Low-mass Stars Using the k-ω Model" Read 11554 Get
Zhao Guo "Tidally Induced Pulsations in Kepler Eclipsing Binary KIC 3230227" Read 8118 Get
Xiao-Qin Han "The influence of irradiation-driving winds on the evolution of intermediate-mass black hole X-ray binaries" Read 9575 Get
Ryosuke Hirai "Formation pathway of Population III coalescing binary black holes through stable mass transfer" Read 8845 Get
Ryosuke Hirai "Formation scenario of the progenitor of iPTF13bvn revisited" Read 9575 Get
Stefan Hümmerich and Przemysław Walczak and "A spectroscopic and photometric investigation of the mercury-manganese star KIC 6128830" Read 8677 Get
Alina Istrate & Pablo Marchant "Models of low-mass helium white dwarfs including gravitational settling, thermal and chemical diffusion, and rotational mixing" Read 7624 Get
Soetkin Janssens "BAT99 126: A multiple Wolf-Rayet system in the Large Magellanic Cloud with a massive near-contact binary" Read 8845 Get
Rahul Jayaraman "TIC 5724661: A Long-Period Binary with a Pulsating sdB Star and δ Scuti Variable" Read 15140 Get
Rahul Jayaraman "Tidally Tilted Pulsations in HD 265435: a subdwawrf B Star with a Close White Dwarf Companion" Read 15140 Get
Sigurd Jensen "Explaining the luminosity spread in young clusters: proto and pre-main sequence stellar evolution in a molecular cloud environment" Read 8845 Get
Adam Jermyn "Convective Differential Rotation in Stars and Planets II: Observational and Numerical Tests" Read 12778 Get
Adam Jermyn "Stellar Evolution in the Disks of Active Galactic Nuclei Produces Rapidly Rotating Massive Stars" Read 21fd6fa Get
Adam Jermyn "Skye: A Differentiable Equation of State" Read 21fd6fa Get
Adam Jermyn "A Transparent Window into Early-Type Stellar Variability" Read 15140 Get
Adam Jermyn & Jim Fuller "Wave heating during the helium flash and lithium-enhanced clump stars" Read 15140 Get
Adam Jermyn "An Atlas of Convection in Main-Sequence Stars" Read 701d74d9 Get
Kun Jia & Xiang-Dong Li "Evolution of Transient Low-mass X-Ray Binaries to Redback Millisecond Pulsars" Read 7624 Get
Long Jiang "A strange dwarf scenario for the formation of the peculiar double white dwarf binary SDSS J125733.63+542850.5" Read 9575 Get
Cole Johnston "Binary Asteroseismic Modelling: isochrone-cloud methodology and application to Kepler gravity mode pulsators" Read 10108 Get
Sam Jones "Code dependencies of pre-supernova evolution and nucleosynthesis in massive stars: evolution to the end of core helium burning" Read 3709 Get
Meridith Joyce "New Mass and Distance Estimates for Betelgeuse through Combined Evolutionary, Asteroseismic, and Hydrodynamical Simulations with MESA" Read 11701 Get
Etienne Kaiser "Relative importance of convective uncertainties in massive stars". Stellar tracks and profiles are available here. Read 11701 Get
Etienne Kaiser "The Formation of a 70 Msun Black Hole at High Metallicity" Read 11701 Get
Etienne Kaiser "Relative Importance of Convective Uncertainties in Massive Stars" Read 10398 Get
N. Dylan Kee "Stellar evolution tracks comparing turbulent pressure driven mass loss and the de Jager mass-loss rates" Read 12115 Get
Zsolt Keszthelyi "The effects of surface fossil magnetic fields on massive star evolution: IV. Grids of models at Solar, LMC, and SMC metallicities" Read 15140 Get
Zsolt Keszthelyi "Modeling the early evolution of massive OB stars with an experimental wind routine. The first bi-stability jump and the angular momentum loss problem" Read 7624 Get
Zsolt Keszthelyi A module that incorporates the effects of surface fossil magnetic fields, applicable for massive OB stars. Work associated with the PhD Thesis of Zsolt Keszthelyi, 2019, Queen's University at Kingston, Canada. Read Several Get
Zsolt Keszthelyi "The effects of surface fossil magnetic fields on massive star evolution: III. The case of τ Sco" Read 12115 Get
Jakub Klencki "Massive donors in interacting binaries: impact of metallicity" Read 11554 Get
Thaddeus Komacek & Andrew Youdin "Structure and Evolution of Internally Heated Hot Jupiters" Read 7624 Get
Thaddeus Komacek "Reinflation of Warm and Hot Jupiters" Read 12115 Get
Jiří Krtička "Mass loss in main-sequence B stars" Read 7624 Get
Daria Kubyshkina "Coupling thermal evolution of planets and hydrodynamic atmospheric escape in MESA" Read 12115 Get
Michael Kuffmeier "Episodic accretion: the interplay of infall and disc instabilities" Read 8845 Get
Masanobu Kunitomo "Imprint of planet formation in the deep interior of the Sun" Read 12115 Get
Eva Laplace "Different to the core: the pre-supernova structures of massive single and binary-stripped stars" Read 8845 Get
Eva Laplace "TULIPS: a Tool for Understanding the Lives, Interiors, and Physics of Stars" Read 8845 Get
Amber Lauer-Coles "NET DESIGNER: A visual tool for writing nuclear networks for MESA and other network codes" Read 15140 Get
Zhenxin Lei "A possible formation channel for blue hook stars in globular cluster - II. Effects of metallicity, mass ratio, tidal enhancement efficiency and helium abundance" Read 7211 Get
Emily Leiner "On the Origin of Sub-subgiant Stars. II. Binary Mass Transfer, Envelope Stripping, and Magnetic Activity" Read 7624 Get
Kathryn Lester "A Photometric, Spectroscopic, and Apsidal Motion Analysis of the F-type Eclipsing Binary BW Aquarii from K2 Campaign 3" Read 10108 Get
Gongjie Li "Accumulated Tidal Heating of Stars Over Multiple Pericenter Passages Near SgrA*" Read 4298 Get
Tanda Li "Modelling Kepler red giants in eclipsing binaries: calibrating the mixing-length parameter with asteroseismology" Read 8118 Get
Yaguang Li "Asteroseismology of KIC 7107778: a binary comprising almost identical subgiants" Read 8845 Get
Yan Li "Applications of the k-ω Model in Stellar Evolutionary Models" Read 9793 Get
Gang Long "The formation of the stripped envelope type IIb Supernova progenitors: Rotation, Metallicity and Overshooting" Read 10398 Get
Pablo Marchant "A new route towards merging massive black holes" Read 8118 Get
Pablo Marchant "Ultra-luminous X-ray sources and neutron-star-black-hole mergers from very massive close binaries at low metallicity" Read 8845 Get
Pablo Marchant "Pulsational pair-instability supernovae in very close binaries" Read 8845 Get
Pablo Marchant "The impact of stellar rotation on the black hole mass-gap from pair-instability supernovae" Read 11123 Get
Pablo Marchant "Helium Zero Age Main Sequence tracks in the HR diagram" Read 12778 Get
Pablo Marchant "The role of mass transfer and common envelope evolution in the formation of merging binary black holes" Read 15140 Get
Laureano Martinez "Progenitor properties of type II supernovae: fitting to hydrodynamical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo methods" Read 10398 Get
Laureano Martinez & Melina Bersten "Mass discrepancy analysis for a select sample of Type II-Plateau supernovae" Read 10398 Get
Laureano Martinez "Progenitor properties of type II supernovae: fitting to hydrodynamical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo methods" Read 10398 Get
Héctor Martínez-Rodríguez "Neutronization during carbon simmering in Type Ia supernova progenitors" Read 7624 Get
Zach Meisel "Constraints on Bygone Nucleosynthesis of Accreting Neutron Stars" Read 9575 Get
Zach Meisel "Consistent Modeling of GS 1826-24 X-ray Bursts for Multiple Accretion Rates Demonstrates the Possibility to Constrain rp-process Reaction Rates" also see this website. Read 9793 Get
Brian Metzger & Ken Shen "Secular dimming of KIC 8462852 following its consumption of a planet" Read 8118 Get
Mathias Michielsen "Probing the shape of the mixing profile and of the thermal structure at the convective core boundary through asteroseismology" Read 10398 Get
Mathias Michielsen "Probing the temperature gradient in the core boundary layer of stars with gravito-inertial modes: the case of KIC 7760680" Read 12115 Get
Mathias Michielsen "Probing the physics in the core boundary layers of the double-lined B-type binary KIC4930889 from its gravito-inertial modes" Read 15140 Get
Amadeusz Miszuda "Binary and asteroseismic modelling of the Kepler system KIC 10661783 with the δ Scuti component" Read 12115 Get
Amadeusz Miszuda "The eclipsing binary systems with delta Scuti component. AB Cas" Read 12115 Get
Joey Mombarg "OP monochromatic data table"   15140 Get
Facundo Moyano "Asteroseismology of evolved stars to constrain the internal transport of angular momentum V. Efficiency of the transport on the red giant branch and in the red clump" 15140 Get
Ehsan Moravveji "Asteroseismology of the nearby SN II Progenitor Rigel. II. epsilon-mechanism Triggering Gravity-mode Pulsations?" Read 3723 Get
Kanji Mori "Enhancement of Lithium in Red Clump Stars by the Additional Energy Loss Induced by New Physics" Read 10398 Get
Takashi Moriya "Light-curve and spectral properties of ultrastripped core-collapse supernovae leading to binary neutron stars" Read 7624 Get
Bradley Munson "Stellar Engineering RCB"   15140 Get
Simon Murphy "The Pulsation Properties of Lambda Bootis Stars I. The Southern TESS Sample" Read 11554 Get
Simon Murphy "A precise asteroseismic age and metallicity for HD 139614: a pre-main-sequence star with a protoplanetary disc in Upper-Centaurus Lupus" Read 11701 Get
Daisuke Nakauchi "Pulsation-driven mass loss from massive stars behind stellar mergers in metal-poor dense clusters" Read 12115 Get
Sarafina Nance, James Sullivan, Craig Wheeler "The Betelgeuse Project II: Asteroseismology" Read 6208 / 7624 Get
Jia-Shu Niu & Hui-Fang Xue "A rapidly evolving high-amplitude δ Scuti star crossing the Hertzsprung Gap" Read 15140 Get
Sebastian Ohlmann "Constructing stable 3D hydrodynamical models of giant stars" Read 6208 Get
Ryomo Ochi "Radii and Mass-loss Rates of Type IIb Supernova Progenitors" Read 8845 Get
Glenn-Michael Oomen "Modelling depletion by re-accretion of gas from a dusty disc in post-AGB stars" Read 10398 Get
Margit Paparó & Antonio García Hernández "The Delta Scuti star 38 Eri from the ground and from space". Read 10108 Get
Kelly Patton "Presupernova neutrinos: realistic emissivities from stellar evolution". Read 7624 Get
Rachel Patton "Towards a Realistic Explosion Landscape for Binary Population Synthesis". Read 7624 Get
Bill Paxton et al 2013 "Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA): Planets, Oscillations, Rotation, and Massive Stars", MESA II instrument paper. Read 3723 Get
Bill Paxton et al 2015 "Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA): Binaries, Pulsations, and Explosions". MESA III instrument paper. Read 7503 Get
Bill Paxton et al 2018 "Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA): Convective Boundaries, Element Diffusion, and Massive Star Explosions". MESA IV instrument paper. Read 10108 Get
Bill Paxton et al 2019 "Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA): Pulsating Variable Stars, Rotation, Convective Boundaries, and Energy Conservation". MESA V instrument paper. Read 11532 Get
May Gade Pedersen "The shape of convective core overshooting from gravity-mode period spacings" Read 8118 Get
Valery Pipin "Nonkinematic solar dynamo models with double-cell meridional circulation" Read 10398 Get
Ying Qin "The spin of the second-born black hole in coalescing binary black holes" Read 8118 Get
Ying Qin "On the origin of black hole spin in high-mass x-ray binaries" Read 10398 Get
Troy Raen "The Effects of Asymmetric Dark Matter on Stellar Evolution I: Spin-Dependent Scattering" Read 12115 Get
Gabriel Lauffer Ramos "New full evolutionary sequences of H- and He-atmosphere massive white dwarf stars using MESA" Read 8845 Get
S.A. Rappaport "A tidally tilted sectoral dipole pulsation mode in the eclipsing binary TIC 63328020" Read 7503 Get
Rathish Ratnasingam "Onset of non-linear internal gravity waves in intermediate-mass stars" Read 8845 Get
Mathieu Renzo "Rejuvenated accretors have less bound envelopes" Read 11701 Get
Mathieu Renzo "Systematic survey of the effects of wind mass loss algorithms on the evolution of single massive stars" Read 7624 Input Output
Mathieu Renzo "Predictions for the hydrogen-free ejecta of pulsational pair-instability supernovae" Read 11701 Get
Mathieu Renzo "Sensitivity of the lower-edge of the pair instability black hole mass gap to the treatment of time dependent convection" Read 11701 Get
Mathieu Renzo "The Stellar Merger Scenario for Black Holes in the Pair-instability Gap" Read 12778 Get
Mathieu Renzo "Evolution of accretor stars in massive binaries: broader implications from modeling ζ Ophiuchi" Read 15140 Get
Marko Ristic "Minimum Orbital Period of Pre-Cataclysmic Variables" Read 10000 Get
Christian Ritter "NuGrid stellar data set - II. Stellar yields from H to Bi for stellar models with MZAMS = 1-25 M☉ and Z = 0.0001-0.02". Live data exploration at Read 3709 Get
Nicolás Rodríguez-Segovia "Period Change Rates of Large Magellanic Cloud Cepheids using MESA" Read 11701 Get
Rejiefu Rukeya "Novae Contribution to the Galactic Lithium Enhancement" Read 8118 Get
Jan-Torge Schindler "Exploring Stellar Evolution Models of sdB Stars using MESA" Read 7184 Get
Valentina Schmid & Conny Aerts "Asteroseismic modelling of the two F-type hybrid pulsators KIC 10080943A and KIC 10080943B" Also see SpaceInn MESA/GYRE Asteroseismology Grid for the full 278 GB grid. Read 7385 Get
Josiah Schwab "Thermal runaway during the evolution of ONeMg cores towards accretion-induced collapse" Read 5118 Get
Josiah Schwab "The evolution and fate of super-Chandrasekhar mass white dwarf merger remnants" Read 6596 Get
Josiah Schwab "The importance of Urca-process cooling in accreting ONe white dwarfs" Read 9793 Get
Josiah Schwab "Exploring the Carbon Simmering Phase: Reaction Rates, Mixing, and the Convective Urca Process" Read 10108 Get
Josiah Schwab "Hot subdwarfs formed from the merger of two He white dwarfs" Read 10108 Get
Josiah Schwab "Residual Carbon in Oxygen–Neon White Dwarfs and Its Implications for Accretion-induced Collapse" Read 10108 Get
Josiah Schwab "Laminar Flame Speeds in Degenerate Oxygen-Neon Mixtures" Read 12115 Get
Josiah Schwab "A helium-flash-induced mixing event can explain the lithium abundances of red clump stars" Read 12778 Get
Josiah Schwab "Evolutionary Models for the Remnant of the Merger of Two Carbon-Oxygen Core White Dwarfs" Read 12778 Get
Leung Shing-Chi "Wave-driven mass loss of stripped envelope massive stars: progenitor-dependence, mass ejection, and supernovae" Read 12778 Get
Rahul Sengar "Novel modelling of ultracompact X-ray binary evolution - stable mass transfer from white dwarfs to neutron stars" Read 8845 Get
Sagiv Shiber "Simulating the onset of grazing envelope evolution of binary stars" Read 7624 Get
Sagiv Shiber "Simulating a binary system that experiences the grazing envelope evolution" Read 7624 Get
Josh Shiode "The Observational Signatures of Convectively Excited Gravity Modes in Main Sequence Stars" Read 4298 Get
Josh Shiode "The stability of massive main-sequence stars as a function of metallicity" Read 3723 Get
Mads Sørensen "Unraveling the formation history of the black hole X-ray binary LMC X-3 from the zero age main sequence to the present" Read 7184 Get
Margaret Steamer "A window into δ Sct stellar interiors: understanding the eclipsing binary system TT Hor" Read 8845 Get
Dag Fahlin Strömberg "Discovery of an Exceptionally Strong β-Decay Transition of 20F and Implications for the Fate of Intermediate-Mass Stars" Read 10108 Get
Maria Straight "Modified Gravity and the Black Hole Mass Gap" Read 12778 Get
Tuguldur Sukhbold "The Compactness of Presupernova Stellar Cores" Read 4930 Get
Meng Sun "WOCS 5379: Detailed Analysis of the Evolution of a Post-mass-transfer Blue Straggler" Read 12115 Get
Masao Takata "Asymptotic analysis of dipolar mixed modes of oscillations in red giant stars" Read 7385 Get
Shohei Tashibu "Dust formation and mass loss around intermediate-mass AGB stars with initial metallicity Zini ≤ 10-4 in the early Universe - I. Effect of surface opacity on stellar evolution and the dust-driven wind" Read 6208 Get
Frank Timmes "The Impact of White Dwarf Luminosity Profiles on Oscillation Frequencies" Read 10398 Get
Dean Townsley "Effective temperatures of cataclysmic-variable white dwarfs as a probe of their evolution" Read 4930 Get
Kenny Van "Formation of black hole X-ray binaries with non-degenerate donors in globular clusters" Read 8677 Get
Kenny Van "Low Mass X-ray Binaries: The Effects of the Magnetic Braking Prescription" Read 10398 Get
Kenny Van "Evolving LMXBs: CARB Magnetic Braking" Read 11701 Get
Jordan Van Beeck "Detecting axisymmetric magnetic fields using gravity modes in intermediate-mass stars" Read 10398 Get
Michelle Vick "Tidal dissipation and evolution of white dwarfs around massive black holes: an eccentric path to tidal disruption" Read 9575 Get
Michelle Vick "Dynamical tides in highly eccentric binaries: chaos, dissipation, and quasi-steady state" Read 8845 Get
Alejandro Vigna-Gómez "Massive Stellar Mergers as Precursors of Hydrogen-rich Pulsational Pair Instability Supernovae" Read 10108 Get
Joris Vos "Pulsations and eclipse-time analysis of HW Vir" Read 8845 Get
Gururaj A. Wagle "Type IIP Supernova Progenitors. III. Blue to Red Supergiant Ratio in Low-metallicity Models with Convective Overshoot" Read 10398 Get
Przemysław Walczak and Stefan Hümmerich "K2 observations of 95 Vir: δ Scuti pulsations in a chromospherically active star" Read 7624 Get
Bo Wang "He-accreting carbon-oxygen white dwarfs and Type Ia supernovae" Read 3661 Get
Rogier Windhorst "On the Observability of Individual Population III Stars and Their Stellar-mass Black Hole Accretion Disks through Cluster Caustic Transits" Read 7624 Get
Bill Wolf "Hydrogen Burning on Accreting White Dwarfs: Stability, Recurrent Novae, and the Post-Nova Supersoft Phase" Read 5118 Get
Tin Long Sunny Wong, Josiah Schwab "Evolution of Helium Star - White Dwarf Binaries Leading up to Thermonuclear Supernovae" Read 10108 Get
Tin Long Sunny Wong/td> "Mass Transfer and Stellar Evolution of the White Dwarfs in AM CVn Binaries" Read 15140 Get
Tin Long Sunny Wong/td> "Pre-Explosion Properties of Helium Star Donors to Thermonuclear Supernovae" Read 15140 Get
Chengyuan Wu "The outcomes of carbon-oxygen white dwarfs accreting CO-rich material" Read 7624 Get
Samantha Wu "A Diversity of Wave-driven Presupernova Outbursts" Read 12115 Get
Xu Xiao-Tian & Xiang-Dong Li "Are There Pre-main-sequence/black Hole X-ray Binaries?" Read 10108 Get
Heran Xiong "Subdwarf B stars from the common envelope ejection channel" Read 9575 Get
Xianfei Zhang "Evolution models of helium white dwarf-main-sequence star merger remnants: the mass distribution of single low-mass white dwarfs" Read 8118 Get
Andrew Zetner "Asymmetric dark matter may alter the evolution of very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs" Read 9575 Get
Noa Zilberman "The rotational shear in pre-collapse cores of massive stars" Read 8845 Get