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research statement, and
teaching statement.

build 06jun2024:

Bike: Co-Motion Pangea

56 cm frame
45.0 cm chainstay
10 cm stem length
64 cm handlebar reach
17 cm crank arm
66 cm handlebar width


Gear Ratio

Final Gear Ratio
1 0.549 0.450
2 0.612 0.502
3 0.683 0.560
4 0.761 0.624
5 0.849 0.696
6 0.946 0.776
7 1.06 0.866
8 1.18 0.965
9 1.31 1.08
10 1.46 1.20
11 1.63 1.34
12 1.82 1.49
13 2.03 1.66
14 2.26 1.86
15 2.52 2.07
16 2.81 2.31
17 3.13 2.57
18 3.49 2.87
Pinion P1.18 gearbox. A constant 11.5% step between 18 gears means a (1 + 0.115)^17 = 636% range.

Gates CDX 32 tooth front sprocket for Pinion
Gates CDX 39 tooth rear sprocket
Gates CenterTrack 118 tooth belt

Gear Inches = gear ratio × tire diameter
Meters of Development = 2 π r = π d = π × Gear Inches × 0.0254 m/in ≃ 0.1 × Gear Inches

An independent check of my calculations.

Have to admire that low end - a gear ratio of 0.450, or 11.7 gear inches, or 0.93 meters of development. Walking is equivalent to a gear ratio of ~0.4.

Velocity CliffHanger 26", 32 hole rims
Industry 9 hub, 6 bolt, 32 hole, 12x142 thru axle rear
Industry 9 hub, 6 bolt, 32 hole, 15x110 thru axle front
Schwalbe Marathon Mondial, 26"x2.0" (50-599 ) tires
RhinoDillos tire liners
Slime 26" x 1.75-2.125" Presta valve tubes

TRP Spyke, 6 bolt, 160mm Disc
Tektro Eclipse 520 brake levers

Stem and Headset:
FSA Gossamer Stem 100mm ± 6°
Cane Creek Headset 110 ZS44
Free Standing (oh, yes!):
Integrated 40mm mount kickstand

Selle Italio S3 Flow

Tropical Green body
Ivy Green Mica logos in a Fiora font
Custom label - ""
Polished S+S couplers
Stainless steel dropouts
Co-Motion metal head tube badge


Performance 21 oz water bottle × 2
Nalgene 48 oz wide mouth Water Bottle × 6
MSR Dromedary 4-liter Bag - capacity carry
Velo Orange Mojave water bottle cage × 2

Jones SG Loop H-Bar 4 cm above saddle
Ergon GP1, nexus/rohloff handlebar grips
Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt V2 GPS Computer
Quad Lock Out Front Pro + iPhone Xs
Adventure Cycling Route Navigator App
Adventure Cycling map case and maps
Oveja Negra Chuckbucket × 4

Bontrager XXX WaveCel helmet
Da Brim Sporty visor
EVT Safe Zone mirror

Shoes & Pedals:
Shimano SH-SD501 SPD sandal
Shimano PD-EH500 double sided bike pedal

Racks & Panniers & Dry Bags:
Blackburn Fat Rack rear, World Tour Rack front
Ortlieb Sport-Roller High Vis 14.5L pannier × 2
Ortlieb Back-Roller High Vis 20L pannier × 2
Ortlieb High Vis 4.1L Saddle-Bag
Sea to Summit 13 & 20 liter
Dry Bags × 2
MSR PocketRocket 2 stove
MSR IsoPro Fuel canister × 2
Samniu Torch lighter
GSI Pinnacle cookset
GSI Outdoors Enamelware plate, bowl, cup
Victorinox peeler, OXO can opener
Egg Carrier, Cutting boards × 2
Spatula, Spoon, Duracon Cutlery
Buck 112 Ranger knife
Dishwash soap and scrubber

Nalgene outdoor 4, 8, and 16 ounce containers holding oatmeal + dried blueberries, dates, pasta, butter, cheese, dried milk, gorp, crackers, honey, almond butter, tortillas, nocciolata, Mount Hagen coffee, and 4 empty ones for daily fresh. Tin of sardines, granola bars, spice bottles with salt, pepper, onion.

Slime 26" x 1.75-2.125" Presta valve tube ×2
Fumpa Bike Pump
Topeak Turbo Morph G pump
Leatherman Skeletool CX
Abbey Bike 4-Way Multi-tools:
     #1: 2, 2.5, 3, 4 hex bits
     #2: 5, 6 hex bits, Phillips, 1mm slotted
     #3 10, 15, 20, 25 torx bits
Park Tire Levers
4mm hex angled × 2
8mm hex wrench
Zip-Ties, Voile and Titan straps


Showers Pass Merino short + long sleeve shirts
Adventure Cycling short + long sleeve shirts
LUXA Fluo cycling socks × 6
ZOIC Ether shorts + Carbon liners × 2
Aero Tech Cycling gloves

Patagonia R1 Jacket, Glove Liners, Skull Hats × 2
Minus33 expedition balaclava
Adventure Cycling Neck Wrap
Merino.Tech 165/250/360 Pants and Socks
Snow Deer Electric Heated Socks
ArroWhere Lightweight Waterproof Jacket
Showers Pass Jacket, Hood, Pants, Socks, Gloves, Hi-Vis Gloves
North Face GoreTex Cap - 1992 vintage

Khaki shorts, white T-shirt, white ankle socks, Tevas

Bug Baffler headnet, shirt, pants
Sawyer 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent 4 ounce

Home on the Range:

big agnes Blacktail 2 Hotel
Helinox Chair Zero
RANVOO travel fan
Zenbivy 25°F Quilt, Mattress, Pillow Bundle
Helinox Lite
Cot Zero


Energy Generation:
Schmidt SON 28 15 110, 6 V, 3 W dynamo hub
Sinewave Cycles Reactor USB top cap charger
BigBlue 28 Watt solar charger

Energy Storage:
imuto 99 Watt-hr, 100 Watt battery

Schmidt Edelux II, green anodized, headlight
Hypershot 350 taillight× 4
Hotshot Pro 200 flag lights × 8
Petzl 600 lumen headlamp

iPhone Xs + M1 Macpro 13" laptop

Wahl cordless Peanut hair clippers, Manscaped weed wacker clipper, Dollar Shave Club razor & blades, nail clipper, safety scissors, safety pin, washcloth, shampoo 1 ounce, toothbrush, toothpaste 2 ounce, tooth floss, q-tips, deodorandt 0.5 ounce, eye-drops 1 ounce, toilet paper 1 roll, Wet Ones wipes ×2, trowel
Bandages, sterile non-woven sponges, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic towelettes, alcohol prep pads, insect bite relief wipes, skin Tac wipes, gauze roll, tape, large safety pins, tweezers, ibuprofen, acetaminophen

Safety & Security

ABUS Bordo Lite 6055 Mini (85 cm) Lock
Kimber PepperBlaster II
Gerber US-Assist 420HC plain edge knife

Safety Pagentry - Active:
Hypershot 350 taillight × 4
Hotshot Pro 200 flag lights × 8
Safety Pagentry - Passive (but effective!):
30" long, 0.5" OD, Aluminum tube × 2
Premier Designs universal flag mount × 2
Hostel Shoppe T-Cycle rubber mount × 2
Annin NYL-Glo 12"x18" Sewn U.S Flag × 2
Hose Clamps × 6
Adventure Cycling Safety Triangle

Bicycle Mechanic

Daryl at Gears to You is fantastic. He's very patient with mechanical klutzes like me.

Play Time:

Mass≃39.0 kg. rear 19.0, mid 6.0, front 14.0
Weight≃86 lb. rear 41.8, mid 13.2, front 30.8
Weekly Distance: 40-160 km; 25-100 mile
Weekly Vertical: 240-300 m; 800-1000 ft
Speed: Party Pace
Odometer: ~3700 miles
my ride with gps log

click to see a full-resolution image ...

03jul2024 :
a steady pattern of rising at 3:30am, on the 18 mile vitamin ride by 5:00am, and home by 8:00am. lest it get too hot to ride comfortably in the phoenix summer. afternoon swimming on days off the bike.

23may2024 :
first flat after 21 months and ~3500 miles, which i think speaks to the robustness of the tire system. this ~2" long, ~1/3" diameter, screw was caught, naturally, near a construction site. the screw went in ~1.5", almost touching the rim. apparently the screw did not puncture the rhinodillos tire liner or the slime tube, but it did raised the pressure enough that the seam of the tube blew out. much too big for the slime to work. i prefer to replace tubes rather than patch them.


11may2024 :
full size rear pannier experiment. active safety components (taillights) now have multiple backups. the pinion/gates drive combo gives silent running - beautiful.

image image
image image

29apr2024 :
Tour de Usery :)
many lessons learned on what worked and what needs improvement. for example, the tailight batteries have a burn time of 2 hours and a charge time of 3 hours. with solar, the burn time to zero charge extends to ~4 hours. riding for 4-8 hours means a second, fully charged, set of tailights to swap out is mandatory. as another example, as one who was born riding the santa cruz mountains, i have no mountain legs.

image image
image image

19apr2024 :
30" aluminum poles - flags above bags for maximum visibility. two 1.5 liter nalgenes at mid-frame with suitable cages, plus two 1.5 liter nalgenes front and rear, for nominal water capacity of 9 liters. removed fenders for now - too fiddly. currently ~45 min to go from end-of-ride to everything in the tent, and about the same to go from everything in tent to ready to ride. booked a campsite for Usery Mountain Regional Park for 22apr - 23apr, about 40 miles from home.

image image
image image
image image

15mar2024 :
intersection of the kyrene and western canal paths. practice setting camp (needs work). getting closer to doing an overnighter at usery mountain regional park. 28 watt solar panel.

image image

build 24feb2024 :
32 tooth front and 39 tooth rear; thank you darryl! solar panels now power hungry iphone. quad chuckbucket cockpit. weight redistribution: clothes in front, pantry and kitchen in rear, lower front panniers.

image image
image image

build 01dec2023 :
headlight goes on front rack. secure those water bottles!

image image
image image
image image
image image

build 12oct2023 :
year 2 begins. new pinion oil, new brake pads, more robust dry bags, stronger water bottle cages, new lock location, and better mass/volume arrangement.

image image
image image
image image
image image

15sep2023 :
Home on the Range. The Pangea fits free-standing inside - oh yes!

image image
image image

build 01sep2023 :
Space in waterproof bags is a premium. Water bottles go outside. On the rear, another step towards Home on the Range. Safety flags at good height.

image image
image image
image image

build 28jul2023 :
Safety flags raised 6" due to starting a Home on the Range ...

image image
image image

build 08jun2023:
front panniers, rear view mirror, hose clamps for flags.

image image
image image

build 23apr2023
full front racks now ...


build 08apr2023:
rear light (bright!), 25 watt solar panels, chair, da brim on helmet.

image image

build 02apr2023:
larger fork bags and underseat tool bag.

image image

build 19feb2023:
36 oz water bottles, flag caps, security.

image image

build 19jan2023:
rear panniers, flags, 15 watt solar panel.

image image image

build 29dec2022 :
fenders, rear rack, underseat tool bag, chuckbuckets on cockpit, fork bags, wahoo gps, adventure cycling map case.


17sep2022 - so it begins again.


22aug2022 has arrived - so excited!

image image
image image
image image
image image

I will take delivery on August 22, 2022!
🚲 Tempe to the South Rim Loop 2024?

The future is beginning to happen. I ordered a custom Co-Motion Pangea, Pinion gearbox, light green with dark green labeling. It may arrive in June 2022!

My previous touring rig was a 1998 Bruce Gordon Rock & Road. I have my eyes open for my next touring rig. A lovely resource for bicycle touring is the Adventure Cycling Organization - member since 1988.

Its now been awhile since I've toured - raising a family. I like to claim that bicycling touring is part of my past and part of my future. I can hardly wait for my next tour - I miss it.

I entertain myself with long distance bicycle adventures. I rode solo between 1986 and 1996. Nearly all the images (and lessons) from those adventures reside only in my synapses. When Jeannine and Frank started to duet in 1997, some images from those trips were recorded:
🚲 Barranca Loop 2004
🚲 North Star Expedition 2001
🚲 Chicago to Toronto Loop 2000
🚲 Tour of Wisconsin's Thumb 1999
🚲 Southwest tour: San Diego to Silver City 1998
🚲 Santa Cruz to San Diego 1997
🚲 Tour of Georgia 1996
🚲 Chicago to Aspen 1995
🚲 Santa Cruz to Aspen 1993
🚲 Santa Cruz to Cabo San Lucas 1991
🚲 Seattle to Santa Cruz 1990