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Here are some of my talks. Here is a link to my AAS YouTube contributions.

Title When and Where
The MESA Project Oct 2022, SESE, ASU
☆ Some New Results on Stellar Neutrinos
Sep 2021, Ohio University
May 2021,
Universität Innsbruck
September 2020,
Texas A&M
April 2020,
February 2020,
Institute for Nuclear Theory
Some Astrophysics of relevance to
     the Low Energy Community (LEC)
Aug 2020, FRIB, Faclity for Rare Isotope Beams
☆ A Celebration of Margaret Burbidge
July 2020
☆ Adventures in Online Teaching
June 2020, School of Earth and Space Exploration
The MESA Project
Jun 2019, KITP, UC Santa Barbara
☆ Shaken, Not Stirred: White Dwarf Cocktails
Apr 2019, University of Notre Dame
Rise of the Elements
Apr 2019, Notre Dame, NSF Site Review
☆ Shaken, Not Stirred: White Dwarf Cocktails
Sep 2018, Louisiana State University
Stars and Stellar Explosion Models
May 2018, JINA-CEE International Advisory Committee
High Energy Astrophysics
April 2018, NASA Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop
Bonanza of Frontiers
March 2017, KITP, UC Santa Barbara
Four Vignettes
February 2017, Stony Brook
February 2017, Center for Computational Astrophysics
Publishing in AAS Journals
February 2017, JINA-CEE Frontiers
January 2017, Astrophysics Research Seminar, ASU
September 2018, Louisiana State University
March 2020, Texas A&M, Commerce
Smashing White Dwarfs
November 2016, University of Pittsburgh
October 2016, NC State University
January 2016, UNC Chapel Hill
Unstable Isotopes / Explosive Burning
April 2016, Notre Dame
☆ MESA - Customizing pgstar August 2015, UC Santa Barbara
☆ Hunting the Progenitors
     of Supernovae Type Ia
March 2014, Stony Brook
☆ On Silicon Group Elements Ejected by SNIa February 2014, Institute for Advanced Study
☆ Connecting Nuclear Astrophysics
     with Exoplanets and Astrobiology
October 2012,
Nuclear Astrophysics Town Meeting
☆ UC HIPACC Summer School:
     Thermodynamics of Stars
July 2011, LBNL & UC Berkeley
☆ National Nuclear Physics Summer
     School: Nuclear Astrophysics
July 2009, Michican State University
Recent results on
     a) metallicity dependencies and
     b) double degenerate collisions
April 2009, Princeton
Peak Luminosity of White Dwarf Supernovae October 2008, Steward Observatory
☆ Past, Present and Future of 26Al and 60Fe August 2008, Triangle Laboratories Nuclear Laboratory
☆ A Celebration of Willy Fowler December 14, 1995, Caltech

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