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Contact: F.X.Timmes
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I provide service to the international astronomy & astrophysics community through the American Astronomical Society Journals (i.e., the AJ, ApJ, ApJ Supplement, ApJ Letters, PSJ, Research Notes, and BAAS). In 2008 I began the journey by agreeing to be a Scientific Editor for the ApJ. In 2016 I agreed to be Lead Editor of the High Energy Phenomena and Fundamental Physics corridor for the AAS Journals; described in a April 2016 AAS Nova article. In 2019 the position expanded to Senior Lead Editor, whose main new role was advocating for the AAS Journals (e.g., the AAS YouTube channel). In 2022 at the dawn of the open access era, I agreed to expand the role again to Associate Editor-in-Chief. I remain a core Scientific Editor!

AAS YouTube:
I am the primary content creator for the AAS YouTube channel. A little bit about this service to the community is described in a April 2019 AAS Nova article, March 2020 AAS Teaching Online release, March 2020 AAS Press release, and this August 2021 AAS Journals News article. Here are some of the most active YouTube playlists:

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The first (May 1895) and last (Dec 2014) printed ApJ.

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Evolution of the most cited Most Cited astronomy & astrophysics articles and journals.


image It was a good day. Chicago. 2nd floor LASR. One in an impeccable brown suit and the other in blue overalls, white t-shirt, and Sear's DieHard steel-toe black shoes.


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